Sandfire’s new site is hot. Like… molten hot!

There are lots of glassblowers on the Sunshine Coast, but none like this! No glass vases, decanters, “smoking devices” or goblets for Sandfire Scientific Ltd.

Sandfire is a Coast based company serving manufacturers, high tech companies and the Research & Development community world-wide for over 35 years. They are leaders in their field with head quarters right here in Gibsons!

From the beginning they have created opportunities for R&D projects that include vacuum shrinking quartz tubing onto a 0.010” fiber optic rod, vacuum formed quartz ampoules 5 to 100mm diameter, precision formed ID and OD glass & quartz tubing, carbon coated quartz ampoules, and encasing Nd: YAG Laser Rods with glass or YAG Crystal. Sounds complicated, right? Want to learn more? Now you can!

We created a brand new website for Sandfire. We worked closely with Richard, Michael and Taylor to create a site which captures all of the amazing products & services they offer. The new web site is powered by WordPress and is fully “responsive”, meaning that it responds to the environment in which you view it. It will look and act differently depending on whether you see it on a Smartphone, iPad or Desktop. Same content, but (slightly) different layout and optimization for the platform it’s being viewed on.

After consulting with Sandfire, we decided to use WordPress to power the site. This allows them to make minor content (ie. “Recent News” etc.) updates themselves, from any computer, using any web browser. No programming skills required.

We loved working on this site and we are really proud of the result. Here's what Sandfire had to say:

“We would highly recommend Topshelf Creative as they were very easy to talk with, on time, on budget, and as their name implies had a great creative flavour to their work resulting in a great website.”

-Richard Morgan (President)

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Oh, we also designed some beautiful new business cards which are printed on uber-thick 28pt uncoated cardstock. Check them out here!