It’s Nuts!

Topshelf Creative is so proud to be a part of Coasting Along Theatre Society's Inaugural Season of the Nutcracker Ballet. You would have had to be sleeping under a rock to not feel the buzz around town this week as this family tradition hits Gibsons  beautiful Heritage Playhouse. We saw it yesterday and we can assure is spectacular!

The Nutcracker is the first of a planned series of professionally produced and directed ballets in the seasons to come. This made possible by the engagement of artistic directors David and Kathleen Holmes.

They bring to the Coast an international recognized spectrum of talents. Not only as performing artists in some of the world’s most prestigious opera theaters and concert halls but also as international tour director and impresario, as well as directing and staging major classic ballets, managing and directing International performing arts festivals and last but not least acclaimed as master teachers.

It is C.A.T.S. desire to further enrich a thriving theatre scene, for residents and visitors alike.

Topshelf created the posters, programmes, shirts and postcards which were used to promote the production. We illustrated a classic Nutcracker and used textures & fabrics to bring a real coast feel. We used custom lettering for the Nutcracker word mark to bring a warm, classic look. We think it turned out bright and fun!

The word mark and Nutcracker image lent itself beautifully to a 2 colour logo which we used for the t-shirts and promotional letterheads.

We also created a 24 page full colour programme for this Inaugural Season. This piece is full of information about the ballet and all that went into this enormous undertaking. The sets were made from scratch by the fabulous Cody Chancellor and the costumes by Conchita Harding.

David and Kathleen Holmes have really given this community a tremendous gift. It is very important for us as community members to support initiatives like this. It brings culture, tradition and excitement to a little town that can really use it. I encourage everyone this time of year (and all year) to support all the wonderful things and events the Sunshine Coast has to offer.

Oh yeah, we also created the cute and incredibly graceful party girl in the coral dress...the amazing Grace!