Building the Coast

Topshelf was approached by the CCBA (Coast Community Builders Assn.) in the fall of 2012 and asked to take over the art direction of their quarterly magazine Building the Coast. We determined quite early on in the process that a clean slate was required and we set to re-designing the magazine from the bottom up… new masthead, size, paper stock, font treatments — the works. The feature article in the magazine was a fascinating interview conducted by CCBA board members Clark Hamilton, Chris Moore and Gina Stockwell with the co-founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore. We had access to some cool archival imagery of Patrick from “back in the day” and he features prominently on the front cover of the new magazine. We’re thrilled with how the Fall 2012 edition of BTC turned out and look forward to working with the CCBA to design and produce many more editions.

Big thanks to: the entire CCBA Executive Board (who were all an absolute pleasure to work with), Allan Forest (who skated miles shooting many of the photos in the magazine and also lending a big hand in production) and Mitchell Press in Burnaby (for going above and beyond in the printing department).