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Something old, something new and something blue…

Something Old.

Well, that’s us! Topshelf Creative is celebrating a decade in business. Crazy, right?  You’re wondering how we still look so good. Way back in 2002, Canada's Men AND Women's Hockey teams won Gold in Salt Lake City Olympics, Avril Lavigne wanted to know why everything had to be so complicated and future “So You Think You Can Dance” winner, Grace Ridd took her first steps. It was a great year. We started this little business as a leap of faith. Prior to starting Topshelf and moving to the Sunshine Coast, we spent a lot of time in traffic, listening to News Radio and thinking about all the other things we could be doing with our time. In 2002, we made a conscious decision to do work we love while living a life we love. No compromises. Topshelf Creative is our business which was born from our love of design, our willingness to want to do amazing work and our aspiration to give each client exactly what they need. Simple. Along the way we co-produced the 3 most beautiful daughters (ever!), moved to the Sunshine Coast, built our fancy new office and finally... have a new web site! Happy Birthday to us.

Something New.

Our brand spanking new web site that you are reading this on right now. Pretty, isn’t it? This has been a long time coming. Funny how things work, we got so busy building other people's web sites that we forgot all about our own. We have worked with so many great people and companies over the years that it was really hard to pick & choose what appears on the site. We plan to update often and highlight awesome stuff. We are also going to blog. Eek! Sometimes it will be about our clients and launching new projects. Other times, it will just be about stuff we love or things we find interesting. We will try to keep our kids and the Canucks out of it. We are really excited and hope you like it. Quick note — our new web site is responsive. This means that it responds to the environment in which you view it . It will look and act differently depending on whether you view it on a Smartphone, iPad or Desktop. Same content, but (slightly) different layout and optimization for the platform it’s being viewed on. It’s the best way forward with websites these days, and it’s pretty cool.

Something Blue.

Our new office is blue. It is hard to tell from the photo, but it is a beautiful sky blue. John designed the building and Declan & Brian made it real. We are very proud of our new little office. It was a really special birthday present to ourselves and we couldn't be happier. If you have tried to stop into our old amazing office in Lower Gibsons, you will notice that we are no longer there. It is now a beautiful B&B. It was sad to move, but being that close to Mike’s Place Gelato was not good for anyone. Anyways, please check out our work and let us know what you think!